Allow Security Awareness Training/Test Messages

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QuestionHow to allow Phishing messages from security awareness vendors Knowbe4, PhishMe and ThreatSim
To allow phishing messages through the filter you enable the "Accept Security Awareness test messages." option in the domain settings.  Go to Manage > Domains and click on your domain name (Or search for your domain in the search box) then in the Filtering Options section look for the checkbox shown below.  NOTE: Only enable the option when you are conducting phishing tests on your users and then disable it when complete.

Domain Settings

Additional Configuration For Hosted/Cloud Filtering Customers

If you are using the ePrism Cloud based solution (no on premise appliance) you will need to contact Technical Support, or 800 782 3762 to have the vendors IP addresses whitelisted as well.  Please have the vendor's IP information available.

Additional Configuration For Appliance Customers

The vendor/sender's IP addresses will have to be added to the Sender Allow List, in the appliance dashboard to ensure reliable delivery.  Go to the IP address of the appliance and log into the "Appliance Dashboard" then go to Settings > SMTP and add the IP address(es) into the "Sender Allow List."